Advanced gas engine oil

Paul Boughton

ExxonMobil has launched Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40, an advanced oil formulated to help optimise the performance of engines generating power from landfill and biomass gas.

The product, which has the potential to double oil drain intervals*, has been engineered to support the increasing number of organisations that are choosing to generate power from landfill and biomass waste.

During extensive field tests that included more than 18,000 hours of testing at a customer site, Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40 was shown to double oil drain intervals* in GE Waukesha APG 1000 gas engines versus conventional gas engine oils. As a result of the test, the customer has since switched all of the company’s engines to Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40, and the oil is now approved for use in the customer’s gas engines running on landfill gas.

Along with outstanding anti-wear and anti-scuff performance, Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40 offers exceptional carbon and varnish deposit control, mitigating some of the challenges of operating engines on biomass and landfill gas. Contaminants such as halides, sulphides and siloxanes – which can be present in high levels in these gases – can accelerate wear, compromising engine durability. 

“Installing co-generation  plants on landfill sites and farms is an increasingly popular trend, but securing reliable power output is not without its challenges,” said Jarmo Vihersalo, Europe, Africa and Middle East Industrial marketing advisor for energy at ExxonMobil. “Mobil Pegasus 605 Ultra 40 is formulated to overcome the challenges posed by impurities that exist in gases from landfill, and it can simultaneously help customers improve power output by extending oil drain intervals and protecting the engine against wear and deposit formation.”

 * Field tests using GE Waukesha APG 1000 gas engine demonstrated a doubled oil drain interval when compared to Mobil Pegasus 605 over a period of 18,000+ hours.