Free flexible cable guide and sample box

Paul Boughton

igus UK, the energy chain and cable specialist, has launched a free guide and sample box for its reliable, highly flexible and cost-effective chainflex cables.  

With more than 950 cables to choose, igus supplies cables for almost all requirements in dynamic applications and the guide has been designed to help electrical engineers specify the most effective cable for movement.

The simple-to-use guide from igus outlines the common failure modes of cables and explains how chainflex cables are designed to overcome these.  Full technical details of various chainflex cable types, from copper to fibre optic cables, for measuring systems, robot, servo, power, bus, data and control systems are in the included catalogue.  [Page Break]

The catalogue also gives many real life application tests and results.  In addition, samples of different chainflex cables are included, clearly showing the special construction that guarantees the cables will last millions of cycles in moving applications.  

The whole box offers engineers a clear understanding of why igus claims 'chainflex lasts'.

chainflex cables are classified according to criteria for requirements, oil-resistance and travel distance. Manufactured from PVC, oil-resistant PVC and abrasion resistant jacket materials such as PUR, and TPE for extreme loads, the cables are reliable with no core breakage or corkscrew damage, low wear, reduced space and weight.  igus fibre optic cables have high durability, very high transmission rates and excellent EMC safety.  From simple copper cables to ESD/ATEX cables and NFPA cables for extreme environments, igus has a cable for most applications.

For the free guide and samples, visit