Planetary gearhead design boosts torque capacity by 25 per cent

Paul Boughton

HT Servo has introduced the Micron range of planetary gearheads to the UK market. These gearheads combine the proven attributes of planetary technology such as high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness and low backlash with new new ‘swing link’ technology which increases torque capacity by up to 25 per cent compared with conventional designs.

With a gear arrangement employing three planet gears, the Micron planetary gearheads provide optimum performance characteristics, as well as high efficiency and low noise.

Now engineers at Micron have further optimised the gearheads by attaching planet gears with a mobile ‘swing link’. This effectively with both the sun and ring gears, whilst sharing the load dynamically between them. The result is a 25 per cent increase in torque capacity compared to fixed planet configurations. In addition, reductions in vibration reduce the noise produced. [Page Break]

Frictional losses caused by tight meshing with the ring gear are also reduced because the swing link improves tooth contact by balancing the load, enabling a 3-11 per cent increase in efficiency. This means efficiency per gear stage of over 97 per cent.

Meanwhile, torque ripple can be reduced by as much as 20 per cent over a fixed planetary gearhead, making the gearboxes suitable for both low and medium speeds.

Planetary gearheads meet the needs of high precision motion control applications. The gearheads provide an effective means of increasing or decreasing the torque the torque of an application, while the high torque to volume ratio helps to keep the finished system design compact. Single-stage planetary gearheads provide possible gear ratios ranging from 3:1 to 10:1. Multi-stage gearheads can provide much higher ratios, with Micron offering up to 500:1 in its standard right angle product offering.[Page Break]

The product range includes direct inline planetary gearheads and right angle planetary gearheads. Direct inline designs come in a variety of housing types from anodized aluminium to stainless steel, with steel gears that provide superior wear resistance and increased backlash integrity. Right angle planetary gearheads utilise a right angle gear-set mesh in a unique tooth design that creates higher torque densities and increases the right angle ratio range. Further options include IP69 protection to meet the needs of harsh environment or hygiene sensitive applications.

Micron also offers the RediMount motor mounting system which allows easy, error-free and quick connection of the planetary gearheads to just about any motor available. The design, with adapter sleeve and input housing, features advanced gearhead mounting within a single mounting process.

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