Smallest stand-alone infrared pyrometer

Paul Boughton

Raytek pyrometers allow for continuous real-time temperature monitoring and profiling. They enable users to optimise process control and thus improve product quality, throughput and homogeneity.

The Raytek MI3 system features miniature sensing heads and a variety of electronics boxes in a protective housing or in a DIN rail housing with optional fieldbus interfaces for RS485, Profibus, and Modbus.

With a length of only 28mm and a width of 14mm, the IP65-rated sensing head in its stainless steel housing is the smallest stand-alone infrared pyrometer in the world and a versatile solution for OEMs.

The MI3 series head design has up to eight individually addressable sensing heads can be connected to an MI3 electronics box.

Furthermore, the MI3 series includes a new electronics box with four analog outputs that are galvanically isolated from the power supply as well as from each other.

The Raytek sensor MMG7 for non-contact temperature measurement in the manufacturing of thin glass in the μm range. This latest addition to the Marathon program provides a combination of wavelength (7.9μm) and measured temperature range (300-900°C), an outstanding 100:1 resolution, and a short response time of just 120ms.

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