Controller helps save 10 per cent energy in compressor rooms

Paul Boughton
Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new central controller which can be connected to up to sixteen compressors.

The ES 16 provides compressed air users with one central point of control for an entire compressed air network as it retrieves and processes information coming from compressors, dryers and other measurement equipment. The result is a network that helps to save, on average, 10 per cent of energy use in a compressor room.

Compressors and dryers can be connected to the ES 16 controller by means of a widely used CAN network. The device stores all machine and sensor data for up to one week. This allows users to see graphs and trends for analysis on the ES user interface or for a longer period and can also be consulted through the internet.
With its optional control feature, the ES 16 controller regulates air net pressure by starting/stopping the different sizes of machines and selecting their optimal operating points. Furthermore, it helps to keep air net pressure at the lowest possible level in order to gain additional energy savings. For example: lowering air net pressure by 1 bar not only reduces energy consumption by 7 per cent but also air leakages by 13 per cent. Atlas Copco also calculates energy savings of 10 per cent can be achieved on average for Turbo compressors and compressors fitted with variable speed drives (VSD).
As an option the ES 16 also offers increased control of ancillaries in a compressor room like pumps, valves and vents with Program Logic Functionality based on complex conditions and external data and signals. The addition of up to six analogue inputs allows for the integration of flow meters and dew point meters to help ensure users that their compressed air production continuously provides the required amount of quality air with high efficiency and reliability.

In addition to the ES 16, Atlas Copco Compressors offers a wide range of central controllers, from the ES 4 which can connect four compressors, up to the ES 360 which can connect 30 compressors and 30 dryers.
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