Pulse plating process for board fab

Paul Boughton
Multitest says its Pulse Plating Process grants significant advantages in terms of fabrication cost and cycle time.

The proprietary Multitest process was originally developed to support ultra high aspect ratio requirements at 0.4 mm pitch.

A customised plating process has been developed for small via diameters in high layer count PCBs used in ATE test. The process allows for .0051" diameter through-holes into PCBs with up to 40 layers.    

The Multitest Pulse Plating Process is applied particularly to BGA and WLCSPs as well as for vertical probe applications. It eliminates the need for sequential lamination in most 0.4mm pitch applications. This same technology is deployed for 0.3mm pitch BGA applications with through-hole construction.    

For more information, visit www.multitest.com/pcb