Automating calculation of asphalt binder content

Paul Boughton

Carbolite’s new ABA 7/35B Asphalt Binder Analyser simplifies and automates calculation of the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalts (HMAs) used for in road surfacing.
This easy-to-use analyser is optimised for standard compliant tests to BS EN 12697-39-2004, ASTM 6307-10 and AASHTO T308-10 - standard test methods for determining the asphalt content of hot mix asphalt applying the ignition method.  The quality of an asphalt road depends on the correct mixture of aggregate (roadstone) and binder (bitumen) and the standard compliant tests pinpoint the proportion of binder (bitumen) holding together the aggregate (stone fragments) in tarmacadam road surfacing.
The ABA 7/35B’s intuitive touch screen interface is easy to use even when wearing gloves, for fast simple error-free operation.  Test recipes are easily stored, recalled and transferred between furnaces.  And with English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified Mandarin) and Russian languages as standard, the control interface is suitable for widespread use around the world.
The Carbolite system provides automatic collection of weights and correction factors that helps to reduce errors and automatic end-point detection and results calculation increases testing speed and accuracy.  Test specific, end of test detection methods (percentage or absolute), aggregate correction factors and print outputs can all be selected using the analyser in order to comply with the standard test methods.  Permanent result reports can be printed or output to a USB flash drive.
A central controller takes weight measurements from the internal balance and is able to upload weights from compatible external balances. It also manages temperature control in both the main chamber and the afterburner.  

During the test process the door is locked whilst the sample ignites and burns and then releases with a ‘test finished’ alarm when testing is complete. Logging test results is easy and multiple test methods/recipes can be stored.
The physical construction of Carbolite’s furnace, is a proven, robust, hard wearing design and the unit comprises a main chamber with durable heating elements able to run up to 750°C. The inclusion of an integrated high temperature afterburner helps reduce emissions and makes the loss on ignition technique more environmentally friendly.
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