Tier 4 compliant industrial diesels

Paul Boughton

Kim Mulder outlines the benefits of a new range of engines which comply with latest emissions regulations.

Yanmar Europe is introducing water-cooled industrial diesel engines fully compliant with the new EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB off-highway emission regulations, based substantially on its TNV series. There are 10 models in total, a mix of three and four cylinder diesels, indirect and direct injection and ranging from 10kW to 56kW.
The full list comprises the Yanmar indirect injection 3TNM74F, 3TNV74F and 3TNV80F, plus the direct injected 3TNV88F for the range of under 19kW, and 3TNV88C, 3TNV86CT, 4TNV88C, 4TNV86CT, 4TNV98C and 4TNV98CT for over 19kW.  Four of these new EPA Tier4 engines, the 3TNV80F, 3TNV88C, 3TNV86CT and 4TNV98C, will be shown at Intermat 2012.
All are interchangeable with existing Yanmar engines and comply in full with relevant emissions regulations, including NTE limits, allowing use at high altitudes.
For over 19kW, clear diesel engine technologies taken by Yanmar to comply with the latest emissions regulations have included use of an ECU-controlled Common Rail fuel injection system, water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (Cooled EGR), a new intake throttle valve and diesel particulate filters (DPF). Yanmar’s original filter regeneration is controlled by different regeneration patterns, selected according to the operational period and load conditions involved.
This DPF regeneration control enables Yanmar to achieve extremely low lube oil dilution by fuel oil and lower fuel consumption overall.  Also, the remarkable reduction of LOC leads to extended durability and longer maintenance intervals for the DPF.
There is also a new electronic control diagnostics service system, Yanmar’s SA-D, short for SMARTASSIST-Direct. A remotely-monitored system, Yanmar’s SA-R (SMARTASSIST-Remote), to confirm the real-time engine running status and offer timely technical services will be introduced shortly.
In 1996 Yanmar became the first manufacturer to have a diesel engine certified under the EPA process. The latest emissions standards have significantly lower limits. For example, EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB require a 90 per cent reduction in particulate matter compared to the previous measure.  
Yanmar new engines comply with latest emissions regulations by original advanced and long year’s diesel engine technologies and experiences coming out from 100 years history.
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Kim Mulder is with Yanmar Europe BV, Almere, The Netherlands. www.yanmar.eu

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