Enclosures for all climates

Paul Boughton

Enclosures and control cabinets installed in outdoor locations are usually subject to demanding environmental conditions.

The constant change between night and day and the changing of the seasons alone stress the materials used.

On top of that, users have to consider the aging of enclosure materials and seals caused by UV radiation which can result in leakages.

Furthermore, high temperature differences, as often occur not only in summer between night and day, may cause negative pressure within the enclosure which sucks in air.

The humidity contained in that air can condense inside the enclosure and damage electronic components.

Based on standard enclosures, LOHMEIER enables customers to create outdoor system solutions and fits the cabinets according to specific requirements.

Depending on environmental conditions and locations, the enclosures can be equipped with various protective measures for outdoor tasks. Users can choose from a wide range of solutions, from most economical to technically optimal, each with features tailored to individual applications. Since changing weather conditions in specific locations have to be taken into account already during the planning stage, there are no standard outdoor solutions.

Instead, LOHMEIER's experts use various measures to fit enclosures with a suitable 'outdoor coat'. These concepts include special water, UV and vandalism-proof enclosure designs as well as special masonry seals. Accessories include heaters that heat or dry the enclosure's inside, wall and pole mounting kits and especially weather-resistant seals.

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