Audible signalling device for hazardous and rugged environments

Paul Boughton
R STAHL has extended its Yodalex line of signalling devices. The YA11 is designed to be mounted in panels used in Zone 2 or 22 hazardous areas. It provides an audible signal that could be used to alert operators to malfunctions, process breakdowns or draw the operator's attention to the panel.

The lightweight, low-profile aluminium enclosure of the YA11 can be mounted to panels, bulkheads, and any suitable surface of an enclosure or control station.

With a height of merely 28mm, it requires little installation space.

Electronics are encapsulated to provide protection; and impact or entry is prevented by the use of a tamper-proof protective cover. The YA11 sounder is pre-wired with a 3 m cable, making installation quick and cost-effective. The unit is certified to a level of IP66 / NEMA 4X and when installed, this level of protection is maintained between the sounder and the panel by means of a closed foam gasket and stainless steel fixings which are included as standard. A replacement installation kit is available if the YA11 needs to be removed and then re-attached.

The YA11 has a factory adjustable alarm generator. Users can choose from a selection of 32 international sound tones, to be specified at point of ordering. The unit is operated with a nominal supply voltage of 24 V DC (18 - 32 V DC), with a sound output of 100dB at a 1 m distance and a nominal current consumption of only 70mA. Suitable for a temperature range of -40 to 70°C and featuring certifications for global use (ATEX, IECEx, UL and ULC), the YA11 is a competitive and technically attractive solution for OEMs, panel builders and specifiers worldwide.

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