Control components with have low mounting depth

Paul Boughton
The control components featured in the RAFI series RAFIX 22 FS enable totally new operating unit designs thanks to their extremely low mounting depth of only 9.2mm.

What is more, the elements offered in this series – pushbuttons, selector switches, keyswitches, lenses and emergency stop pushbuttons according to DIN EN ISO 13850 – can be combined with front rings in various colors to allocate individual recognition values to switch functions.

The switch components are available as circuit board versions or with quick-connect terminals for direct connection with wiring.

The PCB variants can be combined with other components such as displays or short-travel keyswitches on a common printed circuit board. For actuator illumination, a 3mm LED can simply be installed in the middle channel of the switch component.

On the other hand, contact blocks with quick-connect terminals are an economical alternative for applications where the use of printed circuit boards is inefficient or not feasible.

This solution requires 27mm mounting depth. The contact blocks and actuators are simply plugged together. They interlock permanently, resisting all shocks and vibrations. In addition, the simple plug-in principle allows prefabrication of cable trees with switch components.

Since all actuators provide a minimum IP 65 protection they are suitable for virtually any application. With a mechanical service life as high as one million operations the units are extremely durable even after years of heavy use. Contact block versions are available with gold contacts for low voltages of 35V and 100mA at most or with silver contacts for up to 250V and 4A.

The following contact arrangements are available: 1 normally closed contact, 1 normally open contact, 2 normally closed contacts, 2 normally open contacts, or 1 normally closed contact and 1 normally open contact. The normally closed contacts come with a mechanism to ensure positive separation in accordance with EN 60947-5-1 and can be used for emergency off functions.

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