Positive displacement blowers/exhausters

Paul Boughton
Air and gas handling solutions based on years of ‘hands-on’ practical experience are now being offered in an extensive range of positive displacement Roots blowers/exhausters which have been designed and manufactured to handle variable pressures with constant volumes, at pressures from 69 to 1379mbar, flows from 3.4 to 67 960m³/hr and vacuums up to 948mbar.
Dresser Roots Centrifugal compressors are available in three primary lines: Integral Gear, Overhung Impeller with Bearing Housing and Horizontally Split Multi-stage. All the compressors can be tailored to provide the most efficient air or gas handling solution for an application. The compressor range supports constant pressures and variable volumes at pressures to 3447mbar and capacities from 6796 to 509 703m³/hr.
Dresser Roots’ highly efficient air and gas moving equipment offer a wide range of processing solutions for a variety of applications and industries worldwide, including: metal refining, petrochemical processing, power generation, vapour compression as well as wastewater and effluent treatment.
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Dresser Roots UK is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK. www.dresserroots.com

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