Compact OES spectrometer

Paul Boughton
All the important elements encountered in the metals industry can be determined with the SPECTROMAXx, including traces of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and nitrogen - SPECTROMAXx can now measure nitrogen down to 10ppm. Sample excitation is digitally controlled, giving exactly defined plasma conditions and better analytical precision.

A range of special sample adaptors for small samples is also available. The spark stand has been optimised for low argon consumption, but a new Argon Saving Module takes this further: the instrument can not only be programmed to shut off the argon flow completely when the instrument is not in use for analysis, but also to restore it automatically so that the instrument is ready and stabilized for the next analysis.

Depending on the instrument duty cycle, savings of up to 40 per cent in argon consumption can be realised. The high-resolution, temperature stabilised optics can be configured to suit a customer’s application over an available range from 140 to 670 nm and use the latest multiple CCD detectors.

ICAL is SPECTRO Analytical Instruments’ logic program that detects and compensates for any instrument fluctuations. Measurement of a single control sample standardises the instrument for all wavelengths and signal intensities, avoiding the need for multi-standard recalibrations and repeat measurements.

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