Two-way valves

Paul Boughton
The quality of the Jacob two-way valves results from specific know-how with respect to press-moulded half-shell production.
The extended bulging shape, produced using precision tools, makes it possible to construct an inlet collar that is large enough prevent any reduction in cross-section. This also protects it from wear, which is particularly advantageous where sensitive products are to be conveyed. The form is pressed flat from the sides, which allows the inner flap to close more effectively.
Customers who require two-way valves with a particular outer diameter usually expect that the internal diameter will be correspondingly large. In practice, however, considerable reductions in cross-section, depending on the type of construction, are in fact the norm. With original JACOB quality there are no such surprises. This, along with the aspects of accuracy of fit, greater leak-tightness, a wear resistant design and unproblematic disassembly and replacement of parts, accounts for the convincing quality of the series product.
The Jacob modular pipework system (DN 60-800mm standard diameters) is used worldwide in almost all areas of industry for the construction of bulk material conveyance systems and dust extraction or ventilation pipelines. Many examples can be found in the food and luxury goods industry (coffee, cocoa, sugar, grain, tobacco, etc.), in concentrated feed production plants, in the packaging industry, the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries (granulated material), in environmental engineering, recycling, automotive engineering, the chip industry, mechanical engineering, the paper industry and the construction materials industry.
Jacob's innovative developments, short delivery times and easy-to-install pipe systems with wall thicknesses of 1 to 3mm using pull-ring connections or loose flanges ensure the company's prominent position in all industries whose production processes require pipework systems made of stainless steel or powder-coated or galvanised metal.
Jacob's 3D service provides its customers with a DVD containing drawings of the pipes and fittings, as a practical and time-saving aid for creating engineering drawings.
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Jacob Sohne is based in Sankt Augustin, Germany.

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