Regenerative blowers with explosion-proof ac motors

Paul Boughton
Rotron EN and CP regenerative blowers incorporating explosion-proof ac motors provide solutions for a wide range of environmental remediation and chemical processing applications. These motors are UL and CSA approved for Class 1 Group D explosive gas atmospheres to promote safe operation in potentially hazardous locations. Typical applications include spot sourcing, vent header off-gassing, landfill gas recovery, and scrubbing, among many others.

The explosion-proof motors can accommodate international voltage and frequency requirements and can deliver the necessary horsepower to satisfy the most demanding application-specific needs. The clean, oil-free, and low-noise Rotron blowers benefit from compact, rugged construction designed for reliable service at point-of-operation. The blowers employ regenerative air technology to develop proper air pressures and vacuums without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger multi-stage or positive displacement blowers and compressors. The extensive product range allows users to achieve ideal flows, pressures, and vacuums as required.

Standard features for Rotron EN and CP blowers with explosion-proof motors include heavy-duty cast aluminum housing, impeller, cover, and manifold; cast iron threaded flanges; PTFE lip seal to contain leakage; sealed assembly to minimize leakage; and permanently sealed ball bearings engineered for long service life. Blowers additionally can be supplied with corrosion-resistant surface treatments, sealing options, a variety of available accessories, and otherwise can be customised.

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