A mine of (noise monitoring) information

Paul Boughton

Managing environmental impact, while growing operations and keeping down costs, is one of the mining industry's key concerns.

As public perception of exceeded noise levels can lead to complaints,  Bruel & Kjaer has created its Noise Sentinel Mining system, which enables mine operators to meet the challenge of expanding their projects, but keep within acceptable noise limits - often defined as only 5 dB above background levels.

Noise Sentinel gathers reliable and detailed data, which can be shared with communities, allowing stakeholder concerns to be addressed and pre-empting any noise-related issues for the mining companies.

The system is supplied on a subscription basis, which involves Brüel & Kjær providing and running the noise monitoring equipment on their customers’ behalf. This reduces the user’s costs as there’s no need for staff training or operation.
Noise Sentinel monitors noise levels continuously (24 hours a day) and is compliant with statutory noise limits. Users receive alerts, via email or SMS, when noise levels are exceed, so they can take immediate action to reduce impact on local communities. They can also remotely monitor real-time noise levels, via the internet, to see exactly what is going on without visiting the site.

For more information, visit www.bksv.com

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