Motor-mountable ac drives

Paul Boughton

Global ac drive manufacturer Vacon has introduce a new product family of Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives. Designed for extremely harsh environments, the new drives bring cost and space savings in installations as no additional enclosures are required.

The Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives are available at powers ranging from 1.1 to 30 kW – the widest power range in its class.

"The Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives are our most robust AC drives, featuring a die-cast frame, and large and open cooling ribs. The enclosure is rated up to IP66 and designed to withstand severe vibrations so it’s really made for a rough ride. These drives are not bound to a specific mounting location so it opens completely new ways of using AC drives," says Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President at Vacon Plc.

"Unlike most of the competition, these AC drives are intelligent and flexible; they have built-in PLC programming capability to meet the special requirements of a machine or an application. The powers go up to 30 kW, which is highest in this class. All these features give an edge, for instance, for machine builders who want to offer their customers a complete, optimised solution with a minimised installation cost," continues Heikki Hiltunen.

The Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drives represent so-called decentralised ac drives, a new design philosophy in Vacon's product portfolio. Decentralised ac drives are located as close to the motor as possible, typically mounted on the motor itself, or on the machine they are driving. These drives allow engineers and machine builders make the most out of the available space in and around the machine. This allows considerable savings to be achieved as no separate electrical rooms, long shielded motor cables nor drive cabinets are required.

An electrically clean product, the Vacon 100 Motor Mountable AC drive incorporates a harmonics-filtering choke as standard. Therefore, the ac drive can be connected to public electrical networks without any extra precaution. Other environmental design values have been observed by complying with the RoHS directive and by using components that do not contain environmentally harmful substances, eg large electrolyte capacitors.

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Vacon PLC is based in Vantaa, Finland.

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