Pressure switch range expanded

Paul Boughton
Variohm EuroSensor has increased its range of pressure, vacuum and differential switches following its USA based distribution partner, World Magnetics Incorporated, recently acquiring two specialist pressure switch manufacturers to complement its existing DesignFlex range.

The new product lines, from Value Engineered Products Inc and Henry G Dietz  Co Inc,  combine to make Variohm's range of standard and custom designed pressure switches one of the largest available from a UK source; with cost competitive solutions for applications as far reaching as medical equipment to agricultural machinery and from food industry to aerospace.

The DesignFlex range includes ultra sensitive pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches with a wide variety of housing, mounting, porting, diaphragm and set point configurations covering a pressure range from 0.1" H20 to 50" H20 (0.25 to 125 mbar). Application specific features on certain models include field adjustable set point, controllable hysteresis (deadband), factory calibrated versions for tamperproof use and full military spec' versions. The range is characterised by exceptionally long working life and extremely high reliability.

Value Engineered Products manufactures fluid-actuated switches for sensing vacuum , differential, and dual differential pressure. With fluid types that cover hydraulic oils, ethylene glycols, aircraft fuels, Freon, lubricating oils, water and air, and many more, the range includes diaphragm elements for sensing low pressures down to 0.5 in Hg, and piston elements for high pressure applications for pressures up to 2650 PSIG.

Dietz air pressure switches are aimed at heavy industrial and extreme environmental uses. With a range of 0.05" to 40" H2O, the 170D model is an ultra-low differential pressure switch for applications such as trains, ships and construction equipment where shock and vibration resistance is of paramount importance. Dietz also produce an ultra sensitive pressure switch for extreme environment forced air systems, filters, blowers and exhaust fans up to 2500 fpm.

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