Monitor produces both 2D and 3D images

Paul Boughton
Planar Systems is releasing the latest addition to its 3D stereoscopic product line. Leveraging six years of expertise in manufacturing 3D monitors with what is claimed to be the highest stereoscopic image quality available, Planar is launching the new SA2311W 3D-ready desktop monitor. Planar's SA2311W 3D display is an entry-level single monitor for the consumer market and an added option for the professional market, supporting the company's strategy to develop innovative displays for diverse applications.
The SA2311 utilises Nvidia 3D Vision technology to produce full 1920x1080 resolution stereo images that can be seen with Nvidia 3D Vision and Nvidia 3D Vision Pro active shutter glasses. The stereo image quality is claimed to be the best available for frame sequential 3D technology. The monitor is competitively priced at $449 MSRP, attractive for use with a wide array of professional applications such as computational chemistry, CAD, and digital content creation, as well as for consumer markets such as PC gaming. The SA2311W provides 3D and 2D capability, making it convenient for professionals who do not require constant stereoscopic viewing.
Nvidia 3D Vision consumer technology is a combination of a wireless infrared emitter, active shutter 3D glasses, and one of many compatible Nvidia Geforce graphics cards and software, which delivers an immersive 3D gaming, video and photo experience on the SA2311W. Nvidia 3D Vision Pro technology employs active shutter glasses and an innovative radio frequency (RF) communication system for use with Planar's 120Hz monitor, in conjunction with Nvidia Quadro professional graphics cards. Professionals can design, create and explore in stereoscopic 3D, enabling collaborative workflows on the SA2311W.
Phil Eisler, general manager for 3D vision at Nvidia, comments: "When paired with Nvidia's new 3D Vision Pro RF glasses, the Planar SA2311W sets a new quality bar for life-like 3D graphics and creates an exceptional 3D visualisation solution for professional applications such as Siemens' new syngo.foursight Workplace 3D ultrasound. The blazing fast 120Hz response time also makes the SA2311W a great choice for playing 3D games or watching 3D movies in the home with high fidelity."
Planar uses 120Hz LCD technology to produce a 3D monitor with a very fast response time. The 23-inch screen is packaged in a sleek design that is attractive for both the home and work environments.
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