Metering pumps for aggressive media

Paul Boughton
Process metering pumps are used in all applications where corrosive, toxic and flammable liquids are metered under very high pressures and extreme temperatures. They are, for example, used in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, refineries as well as oil and gas production or as special metering pumps in the process industry.

High-power process metering pump series complete the metering pump portfolio of ProMinent in the high-end segment. The hydraulics, diaphragm and plunger process metering pumps of ProMinent with their robust design guarantee reliable operation, even under the most demanding conditions. Thanks to their modular design, the metering pumps can be flexibly matched to any conditions at the site. Depending on the demands, the pumps can be used at extremely high pressures of more than 3000 bar and product temperatures ranging between -40°C and 400°C. Furthermore, a metering of high- to highest-viscosity liquids is possible.

Because of their compression-rigid characteristic, a very precise metering is possible. The requirements pursuant to API 675 on oscillating displacement pumps with adjustable stroke volume can be absolutely complied with. The long service life of the diaphragm and the plunger guarantees a maintenance- and trouble-free operation. Hermetically sealed metering units and adequately resistant materials provide for a problem-free delivery of aggressive media.

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