Brava 7 gains new features to assist engineers

Paul Boughton
Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) is launching Brava 7, the latest release of its popular viewing, collaboration and redaction software. Brava 7 includes a new, customisable interface that has been redesigned to improve user efficiency, a new 'text compare' feature that helps users find differences in document versions, and a host of new and enhanced features to improve collaboration and analysis.
Brava 7 highlights include:
* Threaded Discussions with Changemarks: To facilitate review and approval processes, Brava's Changemarks feature now boasts threaded discussions. Users can not only reply to each other, but they can add a status to the discussion, such as 'Question' or 'Accepted.' The list of status options is easily customisable.
* Text Compare: Brava's new text compare feature enables users them to quickly identify where changes occurred between versions and step through them one by one.
* Takeoff Counts and Aggregate Area/Length Measurements: For engineering and manufacturing firms, Brava now can do takeoff counts and aggregate area and length measurements, all of which can be easily exported to a document or spreadsheet.
* Customisable Interface: Brava can be skinned to match any web site or content management system. Toolbars appear only as needed, thereby reducing screen clutter and streamlining document processing. Brava also allows integrators to re-label or remove features, providing a tailored and familiar user experience.
Included with Brava Enterprise is the Brava Flash Viewer, which now includes the ability to create markups, including threaded discussions. Searching in Brava Flash brings a context view where users can quickly scan for the right hit.
Also accompanying Brava 7 are new releases of companion products Net-It Enterprise and Redact-It Enterprise. Net-It offers automated publishing of virtually any file format to Tiff, PDF, DWF and secure CSF. Redact-It offers automated redaction of sensitive information from documents. Both products now have an enhanced directory monitoring mode that requires no integration or scripting. Administrators simply establish the criteria for each folder (can have multiple folders with different criteria), and Net-It does the rest.
IGC CEO Gary Heath states: "Brava 7 is a great combination of innovation and responsiveness to customer input. It has a lot of great functionality to help knowledge workers be more efficient, like threaded discussions and text compare. We also made Brava more task-friendly to improve workflow processes and collaboration."
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