Processing system for clean burning bio-fuel

Paul Boughton
Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has worked with Green Fuels, a leading bio-diesel equipment manufacturer, to develop a distributed skid system for the commercial production of bio-diesel.

As well as supplying a number of high-end fluid control devices, Bürkert provided system support and service throughout each phase of the development of the bio-diesel processor.

Green Fuels is Europe's largest bio-diesel equipment supplier, designing and manufacturing a range of affordable processing equipment for both domestic and commercial use.

Bio-diesel is a clean burning bio-fuel which is produced from renewable resources, such as rape seed. It is biodegradable, non-toxic and carbon neutral and produces 80 per cent less emissions than traditional mineral diesel.

As part of its ongoing development process, Green Fuels required a high quality processing system; one that would be both reliable and competitively priced. To achieve this, the company needed to find a supplier with a wide range of the required products, and the expertise to assist in each stage of the bio-diesel processor development.

Most suppliers were unable to provide the required range of products or the customer support.

However, Bürkert has a long history of working with customers that need development input, providing a full service from consultancy to system design and manufacture, through to installations and testing.

James Hygate, MD for Green Fuels, said: "We were looking for a single source supplier that would be able to provide consultancy and engineering services as well as installation. Bürkert has the quality and experience that we needed to ensure the processor met all the required standards."

Bürkert provides fluid and gas control and measurement systems to process control applications. The company is able to provide complete system and application solutions to meet the specific needs of the customer. Its products, including solenoid, process and analytical valves, pneumatic actuators, sensors and controllers, can be integrated to deliver single source customised systems. Bürkert is keen to work with its clients through consultancy and engineering to on-site installation and testing.

Bürkert and Green Fuels worked closely to develop a system that would meet all of the application's requirements. They used a distributed skid system comprising of a pre-heated tank, reactor tank and buffer tank. The skids were pre-wired by Bürkert prior to shipping to reduce on-site installation times. They are suitable for use in hazardous areas, and Fieldbus communications are employed to communicate between them.

Tony Brennan, of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems: "The processor system that was developed is of a high quality yet Green Fuels are able to supply it at a fraction of the price of other leading brands

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