Self-contained transportable humidity and temperature calibrator

Paul Boughton
The HygroGen is a self-contained transportable humidity and temperature calibrator that enables users and calibration engineers to accurately and rapidly calibrate any type of humidity instrument. The launch of the second generation Airchip3000 based calibrator takes transportable humidity calibration to a new level of performance and ease of use.
Stabilisation of relative humidity (RH) set-points within the HygroGen’s test chamber is typically achieved within 5 minutes. This means a three point RH calibration can easily be performed within 30 minutes, which is at least 75 per cent faster than other typical systems. Temperature control of ±0.05°C and embedded AirChip3000 technology means that extremely precise and stable conditions are assured throughout the calibration test.
HygroGen takes the calibration laboratory to the instrument or transmitter so that full system validation may be performed without the need to remove equipment from operation. The touchscreen user interface allows rapid set-point change and display of actual conditions in both a numeric and graphic format.
Embedded HW4 software supports real-time display and data acquisition, either on the integrated 8-in LCD or using an external monitor through the HygroGen’s standard DVI interface. Nine USB ports allow direct connection of probes without the need for an external power source.
Thanks to the significant calibration time-saving possibilities, the HygroGen delivers a rapid return on investment. Embedded PC technology means a simple upgrade path for additional functionality and performance enhancements.  The standard heated chilled mirror sample loop means that for the very highest standards of performance, state-of-the-art reference instrumentation can be integrated into the HygroGen’s control and reference systems.
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