Ultra-compact refrigerated circulator

Paul Boughton
Petite Fleur, the baby Tango, is the entry level model for temperature control applications from -40°C to 200°C.
Despite its size, just 260mm wide, the Petite Fleur benefits from all the advantages of the Unistat range. The hydraulically sealed system allows fluids to be used safely above flash points without fear of ignition and  greasy residue that comes from oil vapours. As fluids are not exposed to the atmosphere while being heated and cooled, they do not degrade dramatically extending their lifetime by years.
The Petite Fleur is suitable for applications where regular vessel changes can result in water being introduced into hoses and reactor jackets, mixing with the heat transfer fluid (HTF) and inhibiting heat transfer. To overcome this, the Petite Fleur® features a unique water separation system which removes any water from the thermofluid during heating/cooling cycles without the need to de-gas.
In accordance to the "DIN 12876" standard which states that cooling powers are measured at full pump speed, at 20°C the cooling power is 0.48kW. Developments at Huber have shown that reducing the pump speed reduces the heat energy entering the system, which in turn leads to higher cooling powers and lower end temperatures.
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