New family of terminals off er uncompromised weighing

Paul Boughton
Selecting weighing equipment certified for Zone 1/21 or Division 1 has typically required trading-off performance (accuracy, speed and functionality) for compliance with hazardous area requirements. This situation inspired the development of a new family of weighing terminals that offer the same functionality and capabilities regardless of the hazardous area classification.

The development focused not only on manual operations, but also semi-automatic and automatic weighing processes that call for a large and vibrant display, ergonomic operator keys, and the ability to customise operator prompts and weighing routines. Also critical in a process environment is fast processing of data for transfer to a higher level system or for direct control of peripherals. This not only translates into accuracy and repeatability, but also flexibility with the possibility to program and configure boundless applications.

Finally, the installation of cabling from and to the dangerous zone is very complex and costly; often limiting what can be achieved with the process. During the development, solid state, active I/O was a priority. Active I/O permits direct control of peripherals fully within the hazardous area.

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