New materials for vacuum-cast components

Paul Boughton
MTT continues to strengthen its range of vacuum casting materials with the introduction of two new polyurethane resins. The first, water clear 5108, is a UV-stable formulation for the production of thick-section or solid parts. This material is claimed to be easy to polish, making it highly suitable for display or point-of-sale promotional models.
A second new resin, 5170, produces tough, impact-resistant parts with resistance to temperatures of up to 130 degrees C - which is achieved with no need for post curing. This material is designed primarily for the production of under-bonnet parts where polypropylene-like properties are needed in combination with high temperature resistance. All MTT vacuum casting resins are mercury-free.
MTT says that vacuum casting is still the most cost-effective process when 30–50 functional prototype or production parts are required. Other MTT resins enable users to produce parts with a range of properties including semi-rigid, hard or soft feel. Using MTT's nylon casting module, functional glass-filled nylon parts can also be produced in a range of grades. The vacuum casting process is also used to produce wax masters for investment casting.
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