Wider range of standard cam clutches now held in stock

Paul Boughton
Tsubaki is extending its range of cam clutches and is now holding extensive stocks of European standard units in its European headquarters based in Holland. The company says it has developed its range to meet the one-way clutch requirements of a wide variety of applications – anything from production of corrugated paper where an overrunning clutch is essential to prevent the glue rollers from drying, to inclined bucket elevators used in such diverse industries as food or cement where reverse rotation of drive shafts may cause damage to machinery or other equipment.
Tsubaki cam clutches are available with torque ratings of up to 686,000Nm, providing overrun capability and safety functionality for the protection of critical and costly machinery. All standard models in the range are available from stock, and there is also an extensive range of more specialist clutches to suit specific application requirements.
Included within the Tsubaki range are models for light, medium and heavy-duty tasks in overrunning, indexing and backstop applications, whether low-speed or high-speed. Product-specific features range from keyways, special lip seals for protection against dust, oil or grease, pre-filled with lubricant for low maintenance, and additional components such as flanges, torque arms and covers.
The European standard range extends to eight variants with differing characteristics.
BB - Bearing with cam cage for light duty applications
TSS / TFS - Non bearing supported, press-fit installation for light-duty applications
MZEU-K - High-torque, medium-speed back stop and overrunning clutch
BREU-K - High-speed, bearing-supported, overrunning clutch
BSEU - Back stop for medium-duty applications
BR - High-speed clutch for internal use (such as gearboxes)
MDEU - General clutch for light- to medium-duty applications
In addition, Tsubaki recognises that applications with demanding size, weight and performance characteristics can require a far more tailored approach. In such instances if one of the American or Japanese standard Tsubaki cam clutches is not suitable either, then products can be modified or completely new designs can be developed for OEM applications.
This customisation service is also of benefit when customers are refitting or refurbishing aging equipment, where the original clutch is obsolete but where having to replace the entire drive train or modify adjacent components to accommodate a new standard clutch would not be economically viable.
For more information, visit http://tsubaki.eu

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