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Innovative Pinch Valve Technology, Knife Gate Valves and many more…

AKO Armaturen maintains leading position 1 throughout Europe for the manufacture and supply of Pinch Valve. 


The AKO Pinch Valves are available as:
Mechanical Pinch Valves (DN015 to DN600) and
Air operated Pinch Valves (DN10 to DN400).


The air operated Pinch Valves of AKO Armaturen & Separations GmbH offer an optimal solution for dispensing or shutting off many substances and materials of various kinds. They are often used as an isolating valve or control valve for compressed air, gases, liquids, powder or sludge and almost any other solids. With minimal friction force, Pinch Valves prevent clogging hazards and guarantee a free flow of the product. Inside the valve is a highly elastic sleeve, which forms the heart of every Pinch Valve.


Between the valve body and sleeve is a so-called control space. Forcing compressed air or liquids in this space, the sleeve deforms by ‘squashing together’ and prevents the flowing material from flowing through. This is a very economical and energy-saving method, since the complete closure of the sleeve needs only a differential pressure of 2-3 bar. To enable the flow again, pressure supply has to be reduced and the sleeve immediately takes its original shape. The flow of the material can also be proportionally controlled by opening the sleeve at different required measurements.



For a wide selection of different rubber / sleeve-, housing-, flange- and socket end materials, please visit our AKO website at www.pinch-valve.com

Depending on the selected material, AKO Air operated Pinch Valves can also be used under extreme conditions with many extremely abrasive materials and areas at risk of explosions.


The lightweight and compact design of the different Pinch Valve versions enables an exceptional customer-friendly installation. Furthermore, the AKO Pinch Valve requires very little maintenance. Thanks to easy installation and the easy exchange of the Pinch Valves sleeve, the costs are kept to a minimum. AKO Pinch Valves offer many advantages that have attracted the interest from customers all over the world. A low net weight and the flattened and elliptical casing design ensure minimal air consumption, saving energy.

Air operated Pinch Valves and mechanical Pinch Valves can be found in various industrial fields such as the pharmaceutical or wine and brewery industry, but can also be used e.g. in powder coating, compressed air control units, train toilet systems, the building and agricultural industries, plus many more. Pinch Valves are the solution for handling a range of applications including chemicals, aggregates, powders, sewage, steel shot, sand, fly ash, raw materials and many more.


By default, mechanical Pinch Valves can be operated manually with a hand wheel. Alternatively, the Pinch Valve can also be controlled automatically. This variation is continually used in conveying systems since automated processes dominate the industrial life. The function of the mechanical Pinch Valves is based on the forced guidance of two pinch bars, squeezing a rubber sleeve over the guide rods.


Pinch Valves of the German company AKO Armaturen & Separations GmbH are recognized worldwide. In addition to AKO’s subsidiary - AKO Innovations SAS in France and the branch AKO UK in Great Britain - AKO works with different representatives all over the globe which leads to fast delivery times and efficient service.

The company AKO Armaturen was founded in 1984 by Antoine Kopp. Since then, customer-orientation and quality form the center of the company's philosophy. For this reason, special finishes are also available on request, which, like all other standard products of AKO, are tested within the in-house testing laboratory of AKO and are in accordance awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and pressure equipment directive (97/23/EC).


Many more details about the product range, such as Knife Gate Valves, Mechanical Pinch Valves, Pipe Manometer, Pressure Relief Valves, Sleeves for Pinch Valves, Accessories and a contact form for further information can be found on our Web site.




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