Sensor measures pressure and temperature

Paul Boughton
Kistler is launching the Type 6188A… combined pressure and temperature sensor for applications such as monitoring moulding conditions in injection mould tools. This newly developed combined sensor with a front diameter of just 1mm measures pressure and contact temperature at the same point. The new sensor will be shown on Stand 10F04 in Hall 10 at K 2010, the international trade fair for plastics and rubber, which runs from 27 October to 3 November 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
As in Kistler's existing combined pressure and temperature sensors (the Type 6189A… with a front diameter of 2.5mm and the Type 6190CA… with a diameter of 4mm), in the new Type 6188A… the wires of the type K thermocouple are threaded through the pressure measuring elements directly to the front of the sensor. There they measure the direct contact temperature of the melt and respond as quickly as possible to changes in temperature.
Target applications for the combined sensor include medical, electrical and precision mouldings. It is said to create new possibilities for injection moulders in process monitoring and quality assurance. The documentation of mould cavity pressure and contact temperature provides end users of injection moulded plastic products with reliable reports on the stability of the manufacturing process and the quality of the moulded products.
The cavity pressure curve is the most informative characteristic for monitoring the process and evaluating the quality of the injection moulded part. The contact temperature provides additional information about the process and for optimising and monitoring injection moulding.
In addition, the new sensor will be useful for other applications that could benefit from the convenience of a single, compact sensor for measuring pressure and temperature concurrently.
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