Improving gear inspection

Paul Boughton
Ondrives Ltd has taken steps to ensure its gear inspection process is ever more reliable and precise with the recent purchase of an INOVA Gear Inspection Machine, bought to measure all aspects of gear teeth using the newest CNC technology and which is accurate to Class 1.

The new machine will be housed in a recently completed, climate controlled extension purposely built for precision gear assemblies and gear inspection in a clean, stable environment.

This high accuracy machine is capable of measuring gears from as small as 5mm diameter. It can measure all different types of gears including spurs, helicals, bevels and worm wheels. This type of measurement system allows for useful feedback on gear cutting methods used to produce the gear as well as reporting on other aspects of gear measurement. This includes the pitch to pitch accuracy produced, cumulative pitch and radial runout to DIN 3964 along with the topography of a gear tooth and how well the gear form follows its intended shape depending on the accuracy class requested.

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Ondrives Ltd is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

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