Q-Star Test – Innovation in Test and Measurement

Paul Boughton

Assuring quality and reliability of electronic products and systems within cost constrains is a challenge. Q-Star Test provides cost-effective solutions for IC, electronic circuits and systems testing enabling early detection of errors and manufacturing defects resulting in strong time savings.
The company’s solutions support the application and implementation of advanced Iddx and Issx test strategies and allow rethinking and optimising electronic testing. They are small high performance intelligent plug-and-play add-on Current Measurement Instruments that are used for probe and final test application. Positioned on the interface board that links DUT and Test platform they extend ATE functionality and easily excel other related systems by a factor of 100 as regards measurement speed, quality and repeatability.
Besides focussing on test our service pack also includes electronic prognostics solutions for the elaboration of electronic health and better lifetime prognoses. Prognostics carries out on-line diagnosis via test structures that are built-in in the design during application, thereby proactively triggering maintenance and repair, achieving maximum uptime and assured operation of the system and supporting condition based maintenance. Q-Star Test also offers consulting, training and engineering services.
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Q‐Star Test is based in Brugge, Belgium. www.QStar.be

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