nCode 6 incorporates an array of engineering tools

Paul Boughton
Version 6 of the nCode durability software package from HBM provides a complete range of engineering products within a single desktop environment. nCode 6 comprises Glyphworks for graphical data processing, Designlife for CAE fatigue analysis applications, and nCode Automation Personal Edition (PE) for managing data and automating analysis.
Now available in nCode 6, the nCode Complete Durability System (CDS) is a new licensing method that offers flexible access to nCode Glyphworks, Designlife and Automation PE through licensing 'CDS units'. nCode CDS allows users to run whatever product option in any combination that suits their project needs up to the limit of available CDS units. Given this seamless access, the CDS scheme eliminates the need for customers to select exact features and numbers of users as part of the purchase decision.
nCode CDS units are offered on an annual lease basis and the number of CDS units used by each product option is closely proportional to its commercial value. Steve Tudberry, vice president of nCode products, states; "The nCode product range is the most complete available for durability engineering. With nCode CDS, our customers can now use more functionality with more flexibility while also controlling costs. We have experienced significant growth in aerospace, automotive and power generation markets over the last 12 months as a broad range of customers use technology to become more efficient. nCode CDS will continue that trend by enabling more efficient license usage across different applications and departments."
Version 6 of the nCode product suite has been enhanced with several other significant updates. Further integration between nCode Automation and Glyphworks has been added to better manage and process data. For example, a new Automation Query glyph has been added to Glyphworks to dynamically find and pass data from Automation into an interactive data analysis process. The scalable nCode Automation is available in a new edition, Automation Personal Edition, for individual users. Automation PE takes the power and benefits of Automation - with its search and data warehousing capabilities - and applies it to local data.
A new Virtual Strain Gauge feature is now available in nCode Designlife 6 to provide a powerful way of correlating physical test with finite element simulation results; this feature is claimed to be unique. This new feature provides the ability to combine loading information and material data, thereby enabling the export of stress or strains from specified strain gauge locations on finite element models. Also available in Designlife 6 is a new Powertrain package to simulate the type of fatigue loading conditions in rotating machinery seen in applications such as automotive engines and wind turbine components.
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