Ovoid gearboxes offered with low-cost absolute encoders

Paul Boughton
Rotalink is introducing an innovative low-cost absolute encoder for use with its ovoid style gearboxes; the compact encoder is fitted directly to the rear side of the output shaft to measure the load position and is available for single-turn 360-degree rotation or multi-turn versions for up to 32,000 revolutions. Using long-life and highly reliable non-contacting magnetic technology, the absolute encoder provides a choice of 0-5V linear analogue output or a 10-bit per turn positional data via a synchronous serial interface (SSI).
The new device may be useful to replace potentiometer-based angle encoders by combining motor and position feedback in a single component or for low-cost servo feedback in linear and rotary actuators. Absolute position feedback is also extremely useful for machine homing. The multi-turn option includes an integral rechargeable battery that maintains full position information for up 20 hours if machine power is removed.
Rotalink designs and manufactures a wide range of gearboxes in planetary and spur gearbox designs that feature polymer gears on sintered or ball bearings. The range also includes ovoid-style gearheads that include a combination of spur gears for the input stages and planetary gear assemblies for the output stages. These are also available in a choice of ultra-polymer materials.
Rotalink also manufactures incremental encoder, speed controls and motion controls including the innovative Red Drive - a powerful DC motor drive for motors up to 200W that features drag-and-drop flow chart programming for motion control with incremental encoder feedback.
The new absolute encoders are included in Rotalink's latest catalogue that also details three new ranges of DC motor technologies (rare earth, heavy case and brushless) as well as several new gearbox lines and a brushless version of the Red Drive motion controller.
For more information, visit www.rotalink.com

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