Vacuum grippers handle any workpiece

Paul Boughton
FIPA is introducing new vacuum grippers that are claimed to provide a secure vacuum for any workpiece, whatever the surface structure and porosity. The grippers are available in six different basic models from 70 x 70 to 160 x 600mm, providing consistently strong gripping force for automatic handling of a wide range of materials. FIPA managing director Rainer Mehrer states: "If our six standard models do not meet the specific needs of the customer, we can design customer-specific solutions quickly."
The versatile vacuum grippers have been designed for automatic pick-and-place applications in the packaging, wood, plastics and metal industries. Customers benefit by saving operating costs, time and space.
Whatever the material, size, shape, weight and pickup position of the workpiece, the vacuum grippers provide a consistently strong gripping force. The vacuum required is provided by integrated, high-performance Venturi-type ejectors using compressed air. External vacuum generators are available as an option, such as side channel compressors. In this way, the vacuum supply can be adapted to the needs of the customer.
Intelligent valve technology ensures that unused vacuum openings are not left open. This means that the vacuum remains constant at all times, compressed air consumption and therefore energy costs are reduced, and the durability of the vacuum mats is increased significantly. Furthermore, the dirt-resistant valve system guarantees a high level of system availability and process reliability.
High durability and extreme reliability also characterise the vacuum mats, which are adapted to suit the valve system and the goods being handled. A special fastening system makes it possible to replace the mats quickly and without causing damage.
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