New Nvidia 3D Vision Pro stereoscopic system

Paul Boughton
Nvidia is releasing Nvidia 3D Vision Pro, a new 3D stereoscopic system for engineers, designers, architects and computational chemists who work with complex 3D designs. 3D Vision Pro is said to bring true stereo 3D back to the desktop with support for LCD panels and offers a practical way to provide a rich, reliable 3D viewing experience for large-scale visualisation environments such as video walls and collaborative virtual environments (Caves).
Incorporating active shutter glasses and an innovative radio frequency (RF) communication system, 3D Vision Pro is said to deliver the highest quality stereoscopic experience and supports a wide range of use cases:
* Individuals can experience 3D on LCD panels at their Quadro-powered desktop and mobile workstations
* Small groups can view 3D on single or multiple projectors, and
* Larger groups can experience 3D on power walls or in theatres driven by Nvidia Scalable Visualization Solutions (SVS)
3D Vision Pro provides long-range connections (up to 45m or 150 feet), with no cross-talk, blind spots, or other transmission issues between multiple systems. As a professional stereoscopic system, status information is transmitted from the glasses back to the host for effective IT management.
Jeff Brown, the general manager for the professional solutions group at Nvidia, comments: "With the ability to provide valuable insights into complex data, 3D stereo has become one of the core elements of the modern workstation. Together, 3D Vision Pro and Quadro solutions bring the highest quality and most immersive 3D experience to enterprise environments."
Digital content creation (DCC) artists, product designers, and physicians can see their 'world' in 3D, with perspectives that are said to be significantly richer than traditional two-dimensional views. Physicians, for example, can now view volumetric scans such as ultrasound in 3D. Businesses looking to provide large-scale visualisations, such as popular video walls, now have a reliable, enabling technology to deliver that kind of experience.
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