Ultra small Schottky barrier diodes

Paul Boughton
Torex Semiconductor Europe has introduced three new Schottky barrier diodes, the XBS013R1DR-G, XBS013V1DR-G and the XBS013S1CR-G, in ultra small 0.3mm profile packages. 

Schottky diodes offer a much lower forward voltage drop than standard switching diodes which makes them especially useful in low voltage applications, particularly in hand-held and portable equipment.

The XBS013R1DR-G & XBS013V1DR-G, supplied in ultra small USP-2B01 packages measuring only 0.6mm x 0.3mm x 0.3mm, have a maximum average forward current of 100mA and maximum forward voltages of 460mV and 370mV respectively (when forward current is 10mA).  Maximum reverse voltage is 30V for both diodes and reverse current is 0.3µA and 7uA max. respectively (when reverse volatge is 10V).  Both devices feature a peak forward surge current of 0.5A max. and a junction temperature of 150 degrees C.

The XBS013S1CR-G is supplied in the USP-2B02 package measuring 0.8mm x 0.5mm x 0.3mm. Maximum average forward current is also 100mA and when operating at that level, maximum forward voltage is 1V. Maximum reverse voltage is 30V and reverse current  2uA max. when reverse voltage is 25V.  Peak forward surge current is 0.6A and junction temperature is 125 degrees C.

These new, ultra small, low profile diodes are ideal for use in space sensitive applications where reverse current prevention and input signal protection are required. All three devices are fully RoHS compliant as well as being Halogen & Antimony Free.

For more information, visit www.torex-europe.com