New grades of under-bonnet plastics use recycled content

Paul Boughton

At K 2010, DSM Engineering Plastics will announce the commercialisation of the Akulon RC family of post-industrial recycled grades of PA6 for use in automotive under-the-bonnet applications. The new material is planned to be available from the end of 2011, with the first commercial applications in early 2011. Akulon RC will be available in a number of grades, including RC grades of Akulon Ultraflow.
The new material is being evaluated by, among others, leading Tier 1 supplier Mark IV Systèmes Moteurs. Raw materials buyer Valérie Tiddia says: "At Mark IV we are currently evaluating DSM's new Akulon RC grades for our applications. We appreciate DSM's continuous efforts to work with us on more sustainable solutions. DSM is clearly leading in their environmental approach to customers."
Speaking for DSM Engineering Plastics, Krijn Dijkstra, global segment manager, adds: "DSM Engineering Plastics is committed to expanding its environmentally-aware portfolio. By focusing on eco-efficiency and sustainability, DSM drives its innovation cycle to ensure that key new product innovation and/or development meets the evolving needs of customers, whilst ensuring that products meet key sustainability objectives."
As a partner to the automotive industry, DSM Engineering Plastics has introduced a range of both new materials and specific grades of existing materials that are designed to deliver the required performance while meeting industry demands for lighter, more effective and 'greener' products. Engineering plastics play an important role in this segment, as they offer significant opportunities for cost reduction, improved reliability and weight reduction.
As major supplier of many polymers for use at higher temperatures, DSM Engineering Plastics has a long track record in this industry and is able to meet demands for quality and reliability.
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