High torque chuck for high precision machining solutions

Paul Boughton
With the introduction of the new HTC (High Torque Chuck) range of chucks from MAPAL, a leader in high precision machining solutions, machine tool users can now benefit from the fast convenient and safe tool changes offered by hydraulic chucks in applications where it would previously have been necessary to use alternative clamping technologies.

There are many tooling applications where conventional hydraulic chucks cannot be used because of their limited torque transmission capacity and their unsuitability for handling high levels of radial thrust. In these applications, it has until now been necessary to adopt other clamping technologies, often at the expense of convenience and ease of use.

MAPAL’s new HTC hydraulic chucks can provide a complete and effective solution to these problems. A major step forward in manufacturing technology, HTC chucks are particularly well suited for use in milling and precision drilling operations, and are also ideal for rough machining, heavy duty metal cutting and other similarly demanding applications.

The new chucks combine excellent overall system rigidity with a high radial run-out accuracy of 3microns or better. Their bending resistance is typically 1.4 times that of comparable shrink chucks, and their torque transmission capacity is up to 20 per cent greater. These features ensure an optimum finish to the workpiece, while also protecting the machine spindle, guarding against chipping of the tool cutting edge and enhancing tool life.

All MAPAL new technology HTC chucks offer axial adjustment. They are currently available in HSK63A and SK40 mountings with clamping diameters from 6 mm to 32 mm, and will also, in the near future, be available with other spindle locations.

For more information, visit www.mapal.com

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