Boiler cleaning systems

Paul Boughton
Von Roll Inova, the Swiss subsidiary of A-TEC INDUSTRIES AG has awarded Clyde Bergemann with the turnkey delivery of three SCS Shower Cleaning Systems to be installed in the 72MW Riverside facility, Bexley, London.

The SCS systems will be equipped to clean second and third open pass of all three combustion lines. Each combustion line processes 31.8 tonnes of municipal and commercial waste per hour to generate enough electricity to serve roughly 66,000 households.

The use of waste as fuel is a procedural challenge, as the range of material delivered to a plant can vary from well-sorted domestic refuse, through mixed waste fractions to fuel mixtures that may additionally contain various types of biomass. By using Clyde Bergemann technology, the open passes are kept free of deposits so that the heat transfer is maintained constantly. Subsequently, deposit formation and high-temperature corrosion will be avoided resulting in optimised plant availability and reliability.

The SCS system uses water as the cleaning medium. The cleaning nozzle is mounted on a flexible, temperature-resistant metal hose. The nozzle enters the boiler guided by a flange. The SCS systems for the Riverside plant will be fully automated multiple-row units. The term 'multiple-row' refers to the flange arrangement in multiple rows across the boiler roof. By using a crane runway, SCS enters these flanges to clean different sections of the boiler.

The scope of this turnkey supply comprises erection and commissioning as well as all works for laying of pipes and cables.

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