Rugged stainless steel miniature pyrometer

Paul Boughton
The Raytek MI3 is a rugged, IP65 stainless steel miniature pyrometer with integrated electronics measuring in the temperature range from minus 40 to 1650°C.

Just 14 mm in diameter and 28 mm long, the single piece OEM version is the smallest fully functional, stand alone infrared temperature sensor for fixed installation on the market today.

Compared wirth most IR temperature sensors on the market, where the measurements are transferred from the head to the electronics as analog µV signals, the new MI3 sensors allow calibrated, digital temperature output directly from each sensor head. 
Infrared thermometers, such as the MI3, are the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to measure critical temperatures necessary for process control and automation. The broad temperature range and expanded feature set allow the Raytek MI3 to satisfy the requirements of nearly any industrial application and enables seamless installation into existing control equipment or OEM systems. 
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