Floating pistons moulded of high performance plastics

Paul Boughton
Motor vehicle designers requiring custom moulded high performance plastic (HPP) components such as floating pistons for shock absorbers benefit from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) capabilities.

Moulded of HPP resin material, these 1-3/4 inch diameter floating pistons feature a special Quad Ring seal that fits securely inside the shock absorber bore. The seal separates the gas-charged portion of the bore from the oil portion, sliding up and down smoothly and efficiently when in operation.

Precision moulded of a glass filled, specially formulated, heat stabilized Nylon compound, the piston body is designed with a 1/8 inch groove to hold the Quad-Ring seal securely in position so that no twisting of the seal occurs during operation. The seal is precision moulded from a specially formulated HNBR elastomer designed for high concentricity, low friction, and long operating life.

To facilitate manufacture, a high speed automated system moves the injection molded pistons into position for assembly with the Quad-Ring seals. During assembly, a small amount of silicone lubricant is automatically applied to the seal. Once assembled, the system’s vision system inspects for quality, ensuring that seals are positioned correctly within piston slots. The automated system operates 24/7 with output capacity in the millions per year.

MR&P’s corporate-wide quality systems include: ISO 13485, ISO-TS 16949, and ISO 9000 in all facilities. These facilities operate under a corporate-wide Environmental Management System registered to the International Standards Organization series ISO-14001.           
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