Low profile keypad switches for telecoms, control and alarm panels

Paul Boughton
Foremost Electronics, the distributor of electromechanical components, has been appointed as the UK distributor for the Marquardt 6425 range of keypad switches.

The 6425 switch range has proven to be highly reliable and very successful in a wide range of applications including telecoms, control and alarm panels, weighing scales and similar instrumentation and point of sale equipment. The 6425 switch range has low operating noise making them suitable for pro-audio, broadcast and medical applications.

The low profile Marquardt 6425 series has comfortable actuation characteristic with long travel, soft tactile 'feel' and secure switching functionality, ideal for assembling into keypads or keyboards. Caps are available for the switches in a wide range of shapes and colours for panel spacings of 16mm or 19mm to ensure simple integration into control panels. The 6425 switch caps feature ergonomic surfaces and may be over-printed in different colours with a variety of legends.

The switches have an operating temperature of -70 to 20ºC and the single pole, normally open (SPNO) contacts are rated at 28V up to 100mA.

The Marquardt guide mechanism for multiple keypad switches guarantees reliable functioning even when the actuation force is off-centre. The mechanism can accommodate one or two LEDs in yellow, green, blue or red

For more information, visit www.4most.co.uk