Standard LVDTs can be modified for high-temperature applications

Paul Boughton
RDP Electronics reports that many of its standard LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers) can now be factory-modified for operation in higher temperatures normal.
Most LVDTs, with a range of +/-100mm or less in RDP’s extensive programme of linear position transducers can be modified during production to operate at upper temperatures of up to 200 degrees C. This capability offers the benefit of using otherwise standard LVDTs in much higher temperatures than would normally be the case.
Where significantly higher temperatures are encountered, RDP offers the LIN and PY ranges that are suitable for reliable and accurate operation at up to 600 degrees C. LIN transducers are available for measurement ranges from +/-5mm up to +/-25mm and, as well as withstanding extreme high and low temperatures, are suitable for environments subject to exposure to radiation. RDP’s PY series transducers are widely used in the nuclear industry and in turbines, high-pressure testing chambers - such as autoclaves - and in research laboratories.
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