Evaluation kit for programmable rotary sensors

Paul Boughton
Contelec is launching the Vert-X Easyadapt Evaluation Kit that allows programming of the Vert-X 28 MH-C2 absolute-measuring magnetic rotary sensor, one of which is included in the kit. The evaluation kit contains all components required for easy, intuitive programming; it comprises the user-friendly Vert-X Commander programming software, which enables convenient definition of the required parameters, and the Vert-X Programmer, which is the actual programming unit. Also included are cables and instructions. The evaluation kit supports users in rapid prototyping and also enables users to try out the programmable rotary sensors in a diverse range of applications.
The easy programmability of the Vert-X MH-C2 angle sensors is said to create new opportunities - for example, allowing integration of customer-specific characteristic curves and virtually limitless switching functions. Moreover, the sensor can also be programmed on the production line; an operator can use a computer and the Vert-X Easyadapt to alter parameters, including characteristic curves, angle range, indexing points (eg zero point) and direction of rotation, to adapt to the specific conditions.
For more information, visit www.contelec.ch