Sensor for tank monitoring system

Paul Boughton
Kongsberg Maritime's GL-300 Radar Tank Gauge draws its high-accuracy and durability from the proven offset parabolic antenna design, which is capable of withstanding the harsh tank environment and is very resistant to the problems caused by condensation and deposits from the cargo.

The antenna radiates a high frequency narrow beam, which makes it easy to position in the tank. In addition to state-of-the-art design, several unique elements position the new Radar Tank Gauge as the best performing on the market; from the inspection hatch on the sensor to a focus on minimising cabling across the entire system.

The Radar Tank Gauge is fully integrated with Kongsberg Maritime's K-Gauge tank monitoring and K-Chief automation systems, sharing Operator Stations (OS) and I/O units for other cargo instrumentation. It is a modular solution based on the accuracy of the GL-300 Radar Tank Gauge, Cargo Temperature Unit and a Signal Processing Unit centrally located for each tank.

Additionally, a pressure sensor is fully integrated in the Radar Tank Gauge to reduce cabling and to simplify installation.

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