Variable speed pre-mix brushless blowers

Paul Boughton
Nautilair 8.0 in(204mm) variable speed pre-mix brushless blowers for gas-fired burner systems deliver a measured air/fuel mixture to optimise combustion and reduce nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. 

These high-efficiency blowers provide ideal solutions to resolve system design or performance challenges often associated with conventional fixed speed or two-speed blowers, intake damper systems on fixed speed blowers, and inverter-driven variable speed blowers.

Their brushless DC motor technology additionally promotes virtually maintenance-free operation exceeding 20,000 hours in such applications as commercial and residential boilers, water heaters, furnaces, foodservice equipment, kilns, and fuel cells, among others.

These single-phase, standard output blowers can achieve maximum sealed pressure capabilities up to 9 in. of H2O and maximum open flows exceeding 100 CFM.  They can accept line voltage input of 120 VAC (internal electronics convert AC input to DC).

The compact, lightweight, and rugged blowers incorporate polypropylene housing and impeller; long-life and sealed ball bearings with high-temperature grease; and a sealed and molded fan housing. Speed can be adjusted internally with an onboard potentiometer or with an external PWM or DC control that actively varies blower performance (eliminating a need for complex air intake damper systems).

Onboard IntelliGen controller electronics integrate a factory-programmed digital signal processor (DSP) and add-on expansion cards and other options can be specified to meet particular application requirements.

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