Long-life, robust flash disks for panel PCs in hazardous areas

Paul Boughton
.  R STAHL HMI Systems has introduced a latest-generation flash disk for the Open HMI series panel PCs, which can be used instead of conventional hard disks.

The Solid State flash drives are provided by leading manufacturer SiliconSystems and ensure improved data integrity and system stability especially in rugged environments.

Mechanical stress that can strongly affect disks with rotating parts is quite common in and outside of hazardous areas in many industrial plants.

Certain environments such as ships, where the installed technology is exposed to frequent vibrations and shocks, are practically pre-destined for storage media without read/write heads.

The Solid State disks for Open HMIs have been optimised for long life and greatest safety. The disks not only operate with error checking and fixing algorithms, but also ensure, for example, that data is saved in the case of power failure.

In addition, the disks have useful features such as the even distribution of write processes across all memory cells and the exact recording of all read/write cycles which allows them to signal the need for maintenance to users.

Available as 4 GB and 16 GB versions, the flash disks are as reliable and robust as the entire HMI systems. The modular, explosion-proof devices can resist extreme temperatures in practically all climates, have maritime certifications, also tolerate solvents and meet clean room requirements as well as GMP regulations.

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