3M multi-touch screens to be revealed

Paul Boughton
Multi-touch will be the key focus on Stand 3F.11 at Kiosk Europe Expo, 15-17 June 2010, Messe Essen, German, where 3M will present the opportunity for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to support full multi-touch capabilities in their next-generation applications using 22-inch Multi-Touch LCD desktop displays.
3M's M2256PW 22-inch desktop display supports up to 20 simultaneous touch inputs and advanced gesture capability, enabling software developers to initiate what it calls a "technological leap in user interaction design." Applications taking advantage of this high level of interactivity include computer-aided design (CAD), digital signage, computer gaming, security monitoring systems, education and training, and videoconferencing.
The M2256PW display features a high-definition 1680 x 1050 LCD screen, DVI and VGA video input, audio input, USB and RS232 (serial) dual-mode communication protocol and a durable, anti-glare front surface. It is compatible with Windows 7, so no third-party touch drivers are required. For Linux and Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems, 3M plans to offer a multi-touch driver and software utility, and will offer communication protocol documents for customers who wish to develop their own drivers.
A 19-inch MCT System Display will also be on the stand. Featuring tactile feedback, the MCT Display enables gaming designers to integrate a range of touch sensations – from simple clicks and variations in resistance to pulses or vibrations – in their original gaming machines or after-market retrofit machines.
Alongside this will be a 40-inch display screen featuring the Microtouch DST2270DX System from 3M. The DST2270DX System is available in sizes from 32-inch to 46-inch and is suitable for interactive digital signage applications where fast and accurate touch is required.
Additionally, 3M will exhibit 15-inch and 17-inch Desktop and Chassis Touch Monitors that are designed to meet the needs of kiosk manufacturers. A range of touch sensors and controllers will be displayed alongside, including the Microtouch SCT3240CX System from 3M for small devices using 5.7-inch to 15-inch LCD displays, and the Microtouch SCT7650EX System from 3M for rugged ATM, kiosk, and vending machine applications.
For more information, visit www.3M.co.uk/touch

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