Flip-up welding helmet

Paul Boughton
ESAB, the manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment, has introduced a newly designed flip-up welding helmet, the Globe-Arc.

Following the ESAB family design, the new hybrid shell is made from strong Zytel material and offers a full head a face protection and is very lightweight. The compact design allows for welding in very tight places, whilst reducing the visible light entering the back of the helmet caused by other welding light.

The new flip visor has an upper retention stop, which eliminates visor drop-down when welding or grinding together with shake proof quarter turn retainers to allow for quick removal and replacement. 

The Globe-Arc is suitable for all welding applications as the visor provides effective protection from UV and IR radiation when the visor is open and closed, and is available in different shade levels.

The helmet has a wide field of vision through both the large main and flip-up visors which provides increased work safety.  The visor has a flat top brow for easy put downs and to prevent scratching. 

The new comfort headgear, which is constructed from quality nylon with a large adjustment ratchet and comfort sweat band, is fitted to the helmet.

For more, information www.esab.co.uk

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