Dual-rated PV connector meets NEC 2008 without accessories

Paul Boughton
Amphenol Industrial, a leader in interconnect systems, now offers a dual-rated (UL/TUV) PV connector to meet NEC 2008 without the need of extra locking collars and locking sleeves.

Amphenol’s Helios H4 connector uses Amphenol’s RADSOK technology to achieve higher current ratings and lower contact resistance. This results in lower power losses.
The dual-rated Helios H4 connector is available through Amphenol’s global distribution network including Avnet, PEI, Arrow, TTI and Powell in the United States; RS and Farnell in Asia; and Lapp, HIK, SOLAR- KABEL in Europe.
Amphenol provides a full range of solar interconnection solutions, including:

*  Cable mounted connectors.
*  Bulkhead (panel mounted) connectors.
*  Solar cable.
*  Junction boxes.
For more information, www.amphenol-industrial.com